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If you are using only the 240 liter and Otto 660 liter bins, then the height adjustment of the ML450 lifter is not required.

This is the simplest and lowest priced, yet extremely efficient, lifter for 240 liter bins.


The ML410 is based on our ever-popular ML150 lifter. The uniquely smooth motion and gentle clamping action, patented and proven with the ML150 over the last 12 years, has been incorporated into the ML410

The ML410 has a rugged construction requiring a minimum of maintenance. Despite placing a low demand on the vehicle’s hydraulics, it can lift up to 400kg in a cycle time of 8 sec.

* COMPACT – Despite being a low-level lifter, the ML410 has a far greater ground clearance than competitors' lifters in this class. The installed lifter typically does not reduce the ground clearance of the vehicle, giving an enormous advantage when reversing the vehicle at a dump site.

* EFFICIENT - A single rotary actuator drives the wide lifter, this provides a smooth bin emptying cycle. Stubborn refuse is normally ejected on the first attempt due to the tipping angle of 45 º.

* LOCAL PRODUCT - The ML410 is locally designed, manufactured and maintained for South Africa’s tough conditions.


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