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In comparison to other known "low-level" lifters, the Mechlift ML 150 is unique in that:

it has approx. 600mm ground clearance in its lowest position which allows the vehicle to be conveniently driven to the next pick-up point without first raising the empty lifter.

the "flip-down" bin edge clamp gives the least obstructed hopper edge while hand loading plastic bags.  There are also no protruding parts, which may snag bags and cause spillages.

the fact that the lifter is quickly and easily removable or transferable allows for the widest utilization of the refuse collection vehicles.




1 X 240 litre per lifter


6 - 7 seconds


45 degrees


1.7 kg per 1 bar pressure (typical bin mass is 100 - 150 kg)


60 - 90 bar (for 100 - 150 kg) 



9 l/min (for 7 seconds cycle time) 

More than 11 l/min will damage the bins and/or the lifter

Installation Dimensions:

If only a single lifter is to be fitted, it is recommended that it be placed to one side of the centerline to allow a second lifter to be fitted later.

Recommended Mounting Positions on the Refuse Collection Vehicle

It is recommended that the mounting space on the vehicle body should provide the following dimensions:

Width = 593mm

Distance between sill hooks and the sill attachment sub pins = 195mm

Height from the sill hook to the top of the rave profile = 60mm

It will also be necessary to install a pipe across the hopper for the containers wheels to bump against when tipped.

Where a very low rave rail is encountered, it may need extending.  Contact Mechlift in this regard.

Optional extras:

Additional hooks and studs for welding onto other vehicles.

Adaptation of the lifter for other styles of bins can also be done.

All information given here is subject to change without notice.  Certified specifications will be provided on request.

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